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Thanks guys!
I really like the Quoddy Boat Moc at Leffot, specifically in blue, but I'm wondering if it's worth dropping $300 on a shoe that I'm going to end up wearing exclusively with chinos/ shorts and a tshirt, especially because I have these from Townview which have served my purposes well and cost 1/3 of the price. . Looking for advice from current Quoddy owners: worth it, or should I just spend my money somewhere else?
yup, we got it. 257 votes at last count.
Okay so the consensus is lift before sprint. The only problem with this is that I wouldn't eat my protein until more than an hour after lifting with this schedule. Not a big deal?
I've recently taken up doing sprints (10x 100m with 2min rest between.) I'm obviously feeling it in my quads and calfs but I had two questions for you guys: 1) I read a few places that sprinting is also a good core/ abs workout, but I don't have any soreness there. Anyone have experience with sprinting working abs out? 2) After good cardio (sprints or steps) I'm usually pretty sore all over, but I often go directly to the gym and lift for 30ish minutes. As long as I get...
Got the Navy,cloud and French blue twill walts at the Orchard st. store. Matt was great, as usual.
Mike, are you in the store this Sat & Sun? And if so, which location?
Fantastic condition, fully lined single vent Oxxford jacket. Flap pockets. Measurements: pit-to-pit: 39" Sleeve: (Measured in pic): 23". None to let out. From top of collar: 31" Across shoulders: 18" PM for any more details/ pics you may require. Offers welcome.
Im 5'10" 155 and 18 years old. Started lifting 5/6 times a week an am looking to get up to 165ish. I know that my age and access to a gym are in my favor, but here's the catch: I've been a vegetarian my whole life. Short of eating meat, has anyone here had success getting enough protein? I'm pounding whey supplements and protein bars but I'm still coming in around 100-110 grams a day, quite a bit short of the 1g per lb of weight recommendation.
Wasn't there supposed to be a drop of new reg. twills in colors like french blue and green? Am I wrong, did this already sell out or are we still waiting on this?
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