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great price on these!
PM sent
Thanks momentoftruth! Yes, I'd be interested in hearing more and will check out what you've already suggested.
I'm into art and very into history. Bar recs would be appreciated too, though I'm a student so money is somewhat tight. I recently spent an afternoon visiting the oldest house and the shortest street in Paris. Those were free, interesting destinations that were a little off the beaten path ( the oldest house is a Chinese restaurant with only a little plaque) I'd be very interested in other stuff like that.
I've lived a decent part of my life in France and speak fluent french, but I've only been to Paris on weekend trips. I've seen the main museums and sites. I'm here for a month now, do you guys have places you could recommend that wouldn't be in a guide book?
Sorry if I missed it but do we have a date on when the first batch of special order pants is shipping out?
Some swatches are up for the next batch of pants, looks like they're adding more-just a heads up and let the games begin
any word on when the new walt fabric swatches come out?
TItle says it all.
I'm also interested in seeing more fit pics on the polo. It seems to me that the cut is a little strange on Dylan, with a strong waist taper that makes it look more like a feminine cut. Interested to see what it'll look like in the wild or even what sizing up two would give.
New Posts  All Forums: