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I just got some 8.5C LWB on the Barrie last, but I don't love this shade of whiskey. It is more of a caramel, whereas I like the really yellow batches. Posting on the off chance that anyone has: -ravello NST or -Yellower whiskey LWBs or SWBs in a similar size (8.5C/D on Barrie, 9D Aberdeen) that they would like to trade. Fine if they are in good used condition, mine have not even been tried on yet. Thanks!
I have a gift card ($450) for VW that I'm not going to use. Let me know the model number of what you'd like and I will ship it to you at cost. Alternatively, meet up in person in southern CT. Please PM for more info.
anyone else unable to log in? Just keeps reloading login page even though info is correct?
Praise be! He is among us
I'm willing to pay market price. I'm a 8.5 Barrie, 9 Aberdeen. Please let me know if you have anything for sale.
Polishing up my Ravello. I tried to capture the variation in shell color, although it wasn't that successful. (If anyone has other models in 8.5 Barrie I can add to my collection, please let me know:D)
whiskey tankers surface on ebay for $3,400. Real shame...
absolutely gorgeous! if only they were a half size smaller!
Same question. @MrDV these are stunning!
Purchased From user @schmallo15 on Ebay a bit ago. I tried these on once at home — they're beautiful but since I have my eye on a rather expensive watch I'm trying to pass these along to free up some cash. For your consideration is a beautiful pair of cognac shell cordovan longwing bluchers. They are a size 8UK (fits a 9US) and shaped over the Detroit last. The cognac shell is very similar (nearly identical) in color to my Alden Ravello longwing...
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