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My colleague thought they were comfortable for the short time he tried them on in the store. They clearly aren't for heavy walking. I'll post an update when I hear more.
Yes, he did. They finally found the tweed shoes in his size. What did you end up coming away with?
That would be me. I was talking about the "tube" belts that Rubinacci now has. I first learned of that type of belt on mafoofan's blog.
I didn't see it during my quick review of the list (apologies if I missed it), but I'd add How to Be a Man, by Glenn O'Brien. Good advice, often hilariously presented.
Oops. Mis-typed the London e-mail. It should be On this trip I'm looking forward to a second fitting of a grey herringbone ulster overcoat and a double-breasted windowpane suit. I'll keep you posted.
Finally, after a couple of years of lobbying, Rubinacci has agreed to visit Los Angeles! Luca and Chiarra will be in LA from April 19 through April 22 to bring Rubinacci to the West Coast of the United States. Personally, I'd like to encourage them to make this LA trip a frequent one (and thereby save myself thousands in travel fees to NY or London), so, obviously, I'd like to encourage any of those west-coasters who are Rubinacci customers or thinking of becoming a...
Interesting timing. I just received their latest issue in the mail, with Richard Mille on the cover. Haven't had time to read it yet.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker +1 I need the latest issue, and 1,3, and 4. Ha! No, keeping them until they fall apart.
I thought I'd share with you the terrific customer-service experience I just had with the Rake. I have been a subscriber since June 2009, but somehow did not receive the Tom Ford issue (ah, the vagaries of international mail). I sent an e-mail to "subscription services" informing them that I had not recieved the issue and asking if a copy could be sent to me. I received a response within hours from Melanie Lam, the Rake's Circulation Executive. She apologized that the...
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