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Ede and Ravenscroft?
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker TGIF. [[SPOILER]] I'd do a puff point with the square rather than fold it, but very good.
Quote: Originally Posted by Digmenow I fully intended to use an actual camera today but SWMBO had other uses for it so she had custody of it for the day. [[SPOILER]] Swap the square for a white linen (or something else) and this would be even better. Great improvement, though. We need less olives, and more bright yellow/red/orange trousers. Fuck CBD, we've got a banquette full of broads, they've got a table full of fellas. Our whole team's got dough, so our...
Well that's my take on cuffs. However, I would cuff all new trousers.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Havent tried, but dont plan to. You would be out of my top three style influences if you did.
In all seriousness: forget being tall or small—if the cloth is relatively light, cuff to avoid them flailing about like mad when you walk. If it's heavier and a slightly slimmer cut, you could get away with no cuffs and still keep a good trouser line. There! Happy fritzl?
Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl just stupid You must be small.
Be a man—2" cuffs!
I do 2" cuffs on everything. Maybe 1.75" for you—anything less is ghey.
I'd go for a solid grenadine or knit.
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