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The only suits I can tell from the lapel are Tom Ford… …This isn't Tom Ford.
Quote: Originally Posted by spoozy Very nice! Quote: Originally Posted by niidawg3 A+ for the effort in turning out so well for your prom. Well done. Quote: Originally Posted by Cary Grant +1 Thanks guys. Quote: Originally Posted by A Y Very nice. My only change would be to make the flower face outward instead of upward, and use one that's a bit more...
Quote: Originally Posted by james_timothy [[SPOILER]] Pocketsquareguy posted this up in the Pocket Square thread- thats a Armoury hanger, right?What is known about this jacket, if anything? I find I'm in love with the fabric; it's texture is wonderful and sets it apart from navy blazers while still being a dark blue jacket. That's a Sou Sou pocket square. Contact them to get it, as it's not on their website. I believe Spoo was also selling a couple, so give...
Thought I'd make my first WAYWN post with what I wore to prom last night: It was loosely based off what Brad Pitt wore in Cannes:
Hi, I'm looking for any of Rubinacci's pocket squares and this tie: http://www.marianorubinacci.net/esho...?id=573&lang=2 Thanks, Mac.
Quote: Originally Posted by UncleCozy The weave of the fabric (whatever you want to call it) in the crotch area makes it seem that you're wearing your pants back to front. Nice pattern and a mighty fine outfit. We call that pattern matching here, rather than: "Nice front bum gay-boy!"
Worldwide shipping is included in the price: Royal Mail 1st Class Recorded within the UK and Royal Mail Airmail UNINSURED to all other places"”if you want it insured it will cost extra. All ties are in used but very good condition unless otherwise stated. ---------------------- 60" x 3.5" Tom Ford ad campaign (A/W 2010) black and white micro design tie. It has some frayed ends in the middle of the tie that I have tried to picture. These are very small and unnoticeable...
Do the people at Gucci not know how to crop? Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker It seems like its impossibly rare. Where to kop?
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