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All reality, none of it scripted.
You can argue about it all day, but the people who wear suits and understand the most basic of "rules", know not to button the bottom button. And for the record, I would guess that more people agree to leaving the bottom button of a jacket open, rather than that of a waistcoat. However, I would leave both undone.
King Edward VII was too fat to button his bottom button so he left it open. All his followers then started doing it too. Buttoning the bottom button is the height of incompetence.
I would imagine most bespoke shirtmakers would have no problems doing this. http://www.bownsbespoke.com/shirts.htm
Tom Ford: This (the suit looks black on my screen, apparently it's not though): And what I wore to my prom on Wednesday:
Luca's ensemble would still work well with a black suit. Better than—like lasbar said—a white shirt.
What colour are you seeing it as?
I think you just need to keep it consistent. If you cut out the bottom half of your outfit and think, "I could probably post this in the late (RIP) CBD thread…" then something's not right.
I like your mad sport coats. Sometimes though, the top can look relatively conservative, while sporting it with green trousers etc, which doesn't really fit together. Never throw out any of your Tom Ford gear, you can pull them off.
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