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Drake's OTC wool socks. However, they're £25/pair.
Quote: Originally Posted by PregnantBob They're probably presuming if you can't get high speed internet then you probably can't get Tom Ford.
Just before this picture was taken, Luca was rapping along to Big Pimpin' on his iPod: I'm still big pimpin', spending cheese, with B.U.N. B, Pimp C, and Timothy, we got bitches in the back of the truck, laughing it up. Luca Man: that's what's up!
I would normally agree. However… [[SPOILER]]
I just saw this message in my Facebook feed, with a link to Tom Ford's 2011 Autumn/Winter line: Quote: I just got back from Milan where I presented the new men's collection for Spring 2012 to the press. I love Milan this time of year as it is usually hot and sunny and of course the food is always great. My favorite restaurants are "Da Giacomo" and "Le Langhe". Milan feels like home in many ways as I lived there for 4 years in the early 90's and of course had...
Significant price drops! TF gold grenadine still available.
Added two more TF ties and dropped the price on remaining TF tie and pocket square.
United Arrows cufflinks added!
Oh fuck. Would also kop in 44L.
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