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By formal do you mean black tie formal? Or just standard dress shoes?
Bump for ballers. No, I'm not kidding. Yes, it does work. I lost two stone in two months. EDIT: Apparently you are in shape. I know the BMI scale isn't conclusive as (for example) bodybuilders according to their BMI are clinically obese.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eustace Tilley And, apart from Andrey, no one has even come close to answering the original question. Why would you send him to Budd's if they get a bad rep? Why not go to someone whose shirts you do like? FWIW, I've only heard one bad thing about Sean O'Flynn"”he likes to cut a soft collar. If that even is a bad thing. He has no minimum order and shirts start at £160 last time I checked.
Sean O'Flynn?
Black or white moire braces are equally acceptable. Boxcloth are not.
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan In the RTW world, Kiton does an infinitely better handsewn shirt than Borrelli. But I'm not very familiar with RTW shirts. All I know is that the handsewing on my bespoke shirts blow away anything I've seen on a shelf. I didn't say Charvet shirts are machine made--I said they are machine-sewn. Regardless of how they are stitched together, they are still closely handled by human beings. You aren't getting a...
Where did you get those photos musicguy? I can't find a website from the photo link.
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