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The shoulders are terrible. I have better fitting jackets OTR.
Do Albert Thurston have a sale on their website around this time like other retailers? Cheers, Mac.
Chester Barrie if you're buying RTW.
I carry a cotton/linen white handkerchief in my suit trouser pocket while wearing a pocket square.
Anything but a piece of white cardboard. I use linen white handkerchiefs as pocket squares for standard and TV folds.
I think a run around the block twice a week and that jacket will fit you perfectly in a month or so. Or you could go a size up and compromise.
+1 to whoever said braces/suspenders.
They look terrible unbuttoned. Even SB do - but maybe that's just me. Post pictures of it fastened.
In London I'd go for Sean O'Flynn. If you have the money, go Charvet.
Quote: Originally Posted by XKxRome0ox trying on some ties in my closet yay or nay? I love the tie/suit combo! Add a white pocket square and you'll be rocking. Although maybe add a new crisp white dress shirt with French cuffs.
New Posts  All Forums: