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Chester Barrie if you're buying RTW.
I carry a cotton/linen white handkerchief in my suit trouser pocket while wearing a pocket square.
Anything but a piece of white cardboard. I use linen white handkerchiefs as pocket squares for standard and TV folds.
I think a run around the block twice a week and that jacket will fit you perfectly in a month or so. Or you could go a size up and compromise.
+1 to whoever said braces/suspenders.
They look terrible unbuttoned. Even SB do - but maybe that's just me. Post pictures of it fastened.
In London I'd go for Sean O'Flynn. If you have the money, go Charvet.
Quote: Originally Posted by XKxRome0ox trying on some ties in my closet yay or nay? I love the tie/suit combo! Add a white pocket square and you'll be rocking. Although maybe add a new crisp white dress shirt with French cuffs.
By all means get a lime green lining, but don't ruin it by getting lime green anywhere else. Especially not with a black pinstripe. Pinstripe says: "Business." Lime green says: "Look at me, look, over here! Look at the lime green on my suit!" And don't pop your collar. Just don't.
I'll take the Chester Barrie DB. PM me payment details.
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