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Living like a thug? In what way does Lil Wayne live, or enjoy living like a thug? You're stereotyping rappers and/or people who like a certain genre of music by pigeonholing them into a category of criminals. Thug Life is not living like a thug. It's when one comes from nothing, overcomes obstacles, and succeeds in what they did/do. People like Jay-Z—critics might not admit it, but nobody has done it quite like he has done it.
[[SPOILER]] Not from the ghetto.
More drops.
Quote: Originally Posted by luk-cha what, you mean like customers that buy shit??? No, he means "20% off for one weekend only" sales. The facepalm's on you, buddy.
Never directly apply steam to a suit. You might get away with a light steam in the bathroom while the shower's on, but that can also have adverse effects. Always press. And use a press cloth.
Some of the Finamore shirts are insanely cool. But a 17.75" shoulder? There's no way I'm fitting into that.
Shop The Finest.
If you can push that budget up to ~£300—Carmina and Crockett & Jones.
I see. Well I'm not familiar with those brands so I'll leave that to others. Just make sure the shoes fit and don't buy anything too hastily before you know exactly what you're after.
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