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Quote: Originally Posted by Unregistered Any chance one can find a RTW waistcoat like that? Thanks for posting! Ede and Ravenscroft is your best bet.
8oz is light—especially for a dinner suit. I'd definitely go for something more substantial—say 12-14oz. I'm not sure if the mohair makes a difference and that is why the swatches are 8oz—others who have more experience could chime in on that one.
Grosgrain. It depends if you're going for the more casual marcella turndown collar, or boiled front and starched wing-tip collar direction? Church's Alistair is a nice patent shoe. Velvet bow tie is a nice twist and I would personally wear one, but have a bow tie matching your facings anyway. I haven't commissioned a wool-mohair tuxedo, but I do have a wool-mohair suit. It's almost crease-resistant but does hold it's creases (in the legs) very well. Not as soft as...
You have inspired me:
Yes, they were in a bespoke tailor's shop and the presenter was amazed at all the choices, and I was sitting there thinking: "Yeah, standard." Topman was awful, I can't actually imagine anyone wanting to walk around like that. It's like Pitti 2050. Except not as cool. And trying too hard.
He wasn't the right presenter for the show—he seemed to know nothing about suits and wasn't the type of person who would ever want to wear one. The guy styling him in Topman was bloody awful.
More drops.
Barba shirt, Spoo?
Quote: Originally Posted by JapanAlex01 Lol, you obviously know very little about rap history! Lil Wayne is from the New Orleans blocks. All rappers, who have made it, are not 'thug' any more. Well, I am sure there are a few examples of rappers living in the projects, but still rare (does Ghostface Killah count? Probably not!). It really makes me lol hard when people diss one of the best rappers out there today (have you heard Tha Carter III? In my top...
Quote: Originally Posted by JakeLA Does having four children by four different mothers count? And I can guarantee you he takes care of every single one of his children and their mothers—which is more than can be said for most. Quote: Originally Posted by JakeLA Does going to prison for a year count? The prison thing was a bloody publicity stunt. They found it on his tour bus, it could have been anyone's gun on the...
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