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-BNWOT Kiton tie -Six-fold -Blue/red/yellow paisley pattern -Nice and thick -100% silk -Measures 58" x 3.5" -Free shipping worldwide   Thanks, Mac.
Have some of the spoilers for other peoples' pictures disappeared from the OP or am I imagining that?
After I wear a tie, I roll it up for 24 hours, then hang it. That should generally get rid of any wrinkles—assuming the tie is of a high quality silk. Cheaper silks tend not to bounce back.
Headshot! Fuck your vest.
Quote: Originally Posted by Galix Nice as always! Barba Napoli shirt? The collar buttonhole looks like it. Those bastards are so fucking hard to button I'm not surprised Spoo went tieless.
Quote: Originally Posted by GoldenTribe I like the colours but the square bottom + horizontal lines don't do it for me. Just about every knit tie has a square bottom, and if it has stripes, they tend to be horizontal. Guess you won't be taking much inspiration from this thread?
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Well, if you know about them (and now you do), they are a token of the era of greatest elegance in evening dress. - B Please elaborate.
You could model for Indochino with that suit.
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