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Daniel Craig wore one in QoS, just not CR. The only reason Daniel Craig could get away with no cummerbund is because the buttoning point of his jacket was at his trouser band, so there would have been no white shirt showing. However, most people couldn't pull it off as they probably aren't as fit as Daniel Craig and anyone who has love handles etc would ruin the line of the jacket.
Black tie isn't meant to be stylish, it's meant to be traditional. I was in Ede and Ravenscroft today picking up a dinner suit and we had a lengthy chat about people who complain about cummerbunds, vents, peak lapels. He said if you're not willing to embrace the tradition of black tie, wear a black suit and a black necktie. You can still have a well-fitting, traditional black ensemble. I'm a staunch advocate of cummerbunds/waistcoats.
Go for Ede as their dinner suits have all the correct details.
No, always French cuffs or single cuffs with black tie, never barrel cuffs—way too informal. Four buttons is the norm on a dinner suit and lounge suit.
A few things I'd change, but overall, fantastic.
Don't listen to GQ—they are all first class twats.
No doubt! Wear the bow tie. You'll look better—especially if you tie it yourself.
Even if you are a famous person in the entertainment industry, it still looks shit.
How much would the Lowdnes Brown Calf G Fit be if we get the six we need? I may be in if the price is right.
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