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Sweet cufflinks. Save up, OP.
Thank God I started this thread. Can you imagine how disappointed I would have been if I had gone and nothing was open? I shall delay my trip until September then, most likely. Thank you.Great information, thanks.Thanks. Did you receive the PM I sent a few days ago regarding your old blog (as I heard it had some great posts regarding Naples)?
Well the sellers choose the prices… Although, I must confess to not knowing the price of all my ties before since my archived post is screwed up.
I'm not having anything made up, just pick up a few ties/PS and eat some pizza. Then it won't have reached Glasgow level, either.
I'll preface my questions with the fact I know there's a bunch of threads on Naples and I have read a lot of them, but I'm hoping for a little more detail. I'm going to Naples at the start of August with my brother and father and was wondering where we should stay? It doesn't have to be actually in Naples, and my dad was thinking about somewhere like Sorrento, but obviously I'd like to be nearer to Naples. We would like a nice hotel, somewhere clean that's not in too...
-Tom Ford tie -black, white and silver micro pattern -100% woven silk -Measures 60" x 3.75" -Free shipping worldwide   There is a small snag in the front of the tie. However, this is virtually unnoticeable from three feet away unless scrutinising the tie.   Thanks, Mac.
-Tom Ford tie -Grenadine weave -Gold with spots -100% silk -Measures 63" x 3.75" -Free shipping worldwide   Thanks, Mac.
Has anyone ever replaced the electronics in their guitars?
I might take a trip to Naples later this month so I will probably buy some more. Just reading through Manton's "Spoils of Napoli" thread.
Recent kop:Details: [[SPOILER]]
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