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Up for grabs is two Rubinacci ties and one Rubinacci pocket square. All are in mint condition, and have been worn once. Prices include 1st Class Recorded shipping in the UK and Royal Mail Airmail to the rest of the world. Rubinacci knit tie. 60" x 2.5". £40 Rubinacci standard tie. 59" x 3.25". £65 Rubinacci pocket square. 16" x 16". £40 Thanks, Mac.
I love Barba.
Up to 40% off selected ties, bow ties, scarves and bandanas.
Probably fake. Look at his feedback.
I was quoted a 25% surcharge for MTO Carmina shoes from The Armoury, a few months ago.
Drake's for OTC wool socks.
Did you get to keep the computer?
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