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Can you send me some photos, including a close-up on the texture of the knitting?
Bought from NewYorkRanger (here: but to my discredit, didn't get the right measurements for myself. Directly from his thread: Chest-20.5" Waist-18" Shoulder to Shoulder-16.75" Sleeves-23" Length from Bottom of Collar-29.5" Would be a great fit for somebody who's about 5'9 with a muscular build. I'm just too lanky for it, but the jacket is amazing. Great 12-13oz fall...
which pick would be truest to actual color? is this a lighter blue or a darker blue?
Is it tight width-wise or length-wise? Seems like a fairly long shoe already...I'm a standard US9 and they're all of a comparable length.
I don't think that you'll find much love for the guy you quoted above on SF. Despite his face being blurred, everyone recognizes him and his blog. That being said, at 20 years old, a cropped trench would probably look better on you (according to people your age) than a full-length trench down past your knees.
what's the drop on the jacket?
no CP white low tops in 42?
Would it make a difference if you were wearing a polo with shirt collars, like the ones Kent Wang produces?
Would you consider blue MOP or horn?
Whats the width of those lapels? Also, whats the measurement at the waist of the jacket?
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