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IR with GT sole? hmmm lets compare to this,default,pd.htmlyou'll know which one is scam
^ my hawthornes got stretch a lot in behind captoe part (bend area while walking). try to loose the lace while wearing them.
i have 875, which is similar to 877. sizing similar with IR.but 875 feel tighter. sometimes you should half size down IR to compare it with 875.but same sizing should be save for u i think.definitely worn out is better. but it all back to your preference.
your sizing similar as iron ranger sz 9US. but 9.5 should be fine. i dont think 10 good for u.*my RW at 6month of daily wear:
leather oil on first coat, LP on the second coat if you got both.leather oil for dry weather, LP for wet weather
well, good luck for the boots! if u lucky enough u could get under 200 bucks on this forum or ebay. *good things about iron ranger, it works on slim or regular fit jeans IMO.
nice worn look doesnt mean comfortable to get this nice worn look result. they break-in pretty hard for me since redwing has motto "built to last". the leather will smoother after 10-20 wear for me. you should touch by your own hand so you can feel how hard the leather.
i would say it is definitely timeless. but for me, comfort is really bad, for the first wear especially. if u compare with desert boots the comfort is far far away. you can apply some obenauf if u dont want too redish. obenauf wil darken the leather.
i just read this i have redwing GT size 9.5D and redwing iron ranger size 9D. they are feel similiar for my feet (in width) except the 9.5D slightly longer about 0.5 inch. but the 0.5 size difference make me looks odd on redwing GT. so i decided to sell the GT. blister is common for redwing user. i also experience pain in my toe for the first to tenth wear. try to wear it loose, do not tighten the lace. for me it is...
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