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anyone bought a pocket sweater this season? measurements seem smaller when compared to the FW13 version - much shorter. Is this the case? 30% off via email code now btw.
Also interested in this seasons pocket sweater - has anyone picked up the blue /w black version? Which is the closest representation in terms of colour - both look completely different: - - One on the main site looks great. Not so keen if it's more like the East Dane picture - both are indigo apparently...
Hate that even the pocket sweater is branded this season (only the blue one thankfully). I honestly don't understand what they're up to with these new rectangular tags on everything. reckon it'll be easily removable from seed stitched pima cotton?
$100 price drop. Will listen to offers
Never had an issue with customer service, always been very responsive and helpful for anything from sizing enquiries to preorders...
Patrik Ervell FW13 Peacoat in heavyweight melange wool felt. Bought this whilst in New York a couple of months ago but have decided it's slightly too fitted for my liking. Perfect condition, worn once. No blemishes. Incredible coat. Sold out everywhere in this size. Paid full price so looking to cover as much of my costs as possible. Will ship worldwide but please contact for shipping costs, these will vary as this thing is heavy. Can do better photos if required. Any...
BNWT Patrik Ervell New Classic Medium Stonewash Size 30. Bought in the sale, amazing jeans but too small for me unfortunately- looking for what I paid. Sold out everywhere in this size. These:
Does anywhere in the world still have a pair of size 32 fw13 black jeans in stock?
Surely a mistake, especially after specifically announcing reduced shipping rates only about a month ago? Have also emailed.
I'm in NY next week - anywhere I can try on the Peacoat? Live in the UK and can't justify spending that much on a coat I've not tried on with no returns option.
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