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<-------- That's me.
Over 30 at least. I was actually called out on it today by my CO. He told me I stunk of booze while I was on watch. I need to cut back, but in my job heavy drinking is almost the norm. My hangovers are getting worse and worse each year. I drink mostly whiskey which may be part of the issue. Beer just doesn't cut it.
I navigate warships.
I had the same type of problem except it lasted for a year, turns out I have GERD. Shitty deal for me. I doubt you have that, but a doctor might be a good place to start if it lasts more then a week.
A Manhattan. Nothing better in terms of mixed drinks.
No facial hair! With it you kinda look like a rapist.
Quote: Originally Posted by icalledinsicktoo Hey guys... So what I'm doing might sound really crazy (and incredibly stupid) to you. I'm in the process of losing weight, and I guess to motivate myself further I want to buy a set of H&M Slim fit suit.. Right now I'm 150lbs, and I'm around 5'8-5'9. A Banana Republic sports coat in 38 size is a LITTLE bit big on me... and I wear Levi 511 32 waste (and im getting a little room in those too). My goal...
3 years ago my one, and only brother, who is a district sales manager for Honda, gave me the worst gift in history. What I got was a $100 gas card, except he told me it only had $50 on it because they ran out of $50 cards so, he just put $50 on the $100 one. I thought ok this isn't so bad I travel all the time so it may be useful... I go to use the damn thing for a $50 gas purchase, it doesn't work. Turns out it only had $46.79 or something left on it. What he did was...
Quote: Originally Posted by Lord-Barrington As much as I like Montreal I must say that our big hotels suck. The Hyatt is pretty terrible, the Marriott sucks, the Ritz is nice but way too expensive and the Queen E, although stately, is pretty stale. Good boutique options though. I liked the Hyatt. For the amout that I ( aka the government) was paying it was pretty nice. It does have an odd design. One elevator to get to the lobby, then...
I would say chapters as well. Maybe Starbucks instead of Tims?
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