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Any help is much appreciated my friend! The leather is CXL so yeah it wrinkles quite a bit...and as for the laces, they fray at some points. I do agree that I could be lacing them too tight at times, but the boots fit like a glove in terms of sizing. Also I broke my original laces and these are large ones which I had to stuff into the eyelet...as I type this Im thinking that could even be the problem...
Hi Gents, I need your help. My bayfields are starting to rip by the eyelet, which is something I'm a bit dissapointed about. I love these shoes to death and while I wear them a lot I always stick em in trees and like to think I take decent care of them. I understand that all things have a shelf life but its only been around 3 years, one re-heel, and I was hoping to get many more years out of these babies. Any advice? Should I get this repaired by a cobbler? Can i? Should...
This is a fantastic idea.
Hi all, I have a university grad ball coming up in a month or so. From looking at last year's pictures, most folks just end up wearing a suit, with the odd tuxedo attempt (aka suit jacket + bowtie). Didn't see any true tux pictures. I don't own a tux, and don't see much point in buying one since I will really not be wearing it for some time. What I do own is a very well fitting charcoal suit, so I intend on wearing that with black captoes and a white spread collar shirt...
+1i actually like the tie you posted.
I ended up getting a custom Johnny the Fox from Ashland. I love the quality (and smell) of the wallet and overall though it was pricey it's something that will last me a decade or more.The wallet was even boxed nicely and came with a little leather keychain. Excellent presentation. Here are some pics that Phil sent me (not of my wallet, but the colour is identical...my Horween stamp is perfectly centered ). I am hoping it will lighten up a bit in time!
For interviews, you really do need a black shoe. Does not have to be AE, especially if you won't wear it much. Living in NYC, I am sure you can find a black stitch cap for ~60 that will suffice to be worn 3-4 times a year.Regarding dress when you're actually working (at least here in Toronto) it is pretty casual unless you are client facing and the rest of your team is in a suit. Tax is generally more casual than audit. Wool trousers > chinos for sure, though. What I did...
Also, I have been looking to try and gauge meermin...but what would fit similar to the allen edmonds 1 last? I am thinking the Hiro would be the same (-1 size, so a 14D allen edmonds in the 1-last would be a 13 in meermin's hiro). Sorry if the question's been asked a million times. I've been trying to catch up on this thread but there are so many pages!
That group buy looks amazing...I am gonna subscribe to this thread for the next one!
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