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Quote: Originally Posted by landshark You've discovered the law of diminishing returns! Congratulations! I laughed out loud at this.
those are gorgeous.
Quote: Originally Posted by DerekS pretty fucking awful at it. I cant stop buying things. this is me too. ugh. Just avoid this.
Quote: Originally Posted by 997CTSurg 1. Go to grocery store. 2. Buy groceries including a banana. 3. Go home. 4. Peel banana. 5. Eat said fruit. 6. Use peel to shine shoes. wtf?
This actually gives me a lot of relief. been waiting on a package from u.k. shipped jan 4. Not as long as some people have been waiting, but i was getting concerned.
Quote: Originally Posted by embowafa Not giving a fuck about an oxford comma should help. Fucking LOL.
In actual response to the original question: I think when you take the dirty crunchiness and usually stupid personality and sense of humor that accompany out of it, the style you discuss fails to any longer be that of a hipster. I think a man can look quite good wearing a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers/loafers and have a head of longer hair (though be weary of too much length), given that he knows the circumstances where this is appropriate and for what circumstances he is...
I just bought a used pair of ae's. are the imprints on the insole of the original wearer's feet permanent? the shoes fit great, but the imprint isn't the exact same (i think it is because i have short, stubby toes). i'm new to the forum and this is the first great pair of dress shoes i've bought so i don't know how the sole on such a pair of shoes will act. any thoughts?
do you know if they shrink much?
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