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About to watch Lady Vengeance
Size 48 Zam Barret leather jacket for ~$500 "excellent" condition Size 45 a1923 cordovan derbies $821 - I'd kill for these in a size 42.
Gunna go through FO3 again except play all the addons this time.
I haven't had Oysters in 2 years but man do I miss them. Used to go clam digging all the time and would end up with buckets of them.
save yourself the time spent preparing. you would be walking into a losing battle.
I think both of those are great Urthwhyte
something weird going on from the first button down or up (how ever you view it). doesn't really look proportioned.
my favorite big L verse is from 8 iz enuff.
that PTWilliams guy looks so much happier in womens clothing.
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