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haha it's moreso I like to open my online banking and know exactly how much money I have and I'm more apt to spending frivolously if I'm carrying cash.
I refuse to carry cash. If a family member has to use my debit for any reason and offers to pay me back with cash I just tell them to keep it.
those jeans paired with the RO desert boots are nice.
what retailers sell some of the stuff mentioned in this thread? (prefer N.A.)
Trust me I think it's bizarre too. I don't know if I should replace my order or if they don't want me to place orders with them.
well I guess no jacket or sweater for me from Haven. they flagged my order for security reasons and then canceled it when I provided photo ID. guess they won't ever be getting my business.
getting ready for winter! nonnative ten c edit: haven has some great buys on tech wear at the moment!
Size 48 M.A.+ jacket for $900
need a good pair of hiking boots. going to jordan for 2 weeks and will be spending time hiking through the desert.
because everyone is a fashionista these days.
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