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Trust me I think it's bizarre too. I don't know if I should replace my order or if they don't want me to place orders with them.
well I guess no jacket or sweater for me from Haven. they flagged my order for security reasons and then canceled it when I provided photo ID. guess they won't ever be getting my business.
getting ready for winter! nonnative ten c edit: haven has some great buys on tech wear at the moment!
Size 48 M.A.+ jacket for $900 http://re-porter.ca/clothing/raw-silk-hook-closure-jacket/
need a good pair of hiking boots. going to jordan for 2 weeks and will be spending time hiking through the desert.
because everyone is a fashionista these days.
what does a size 4 convert too? I'm looking at this http://re-porter.ca/clothing/rayon-hook-closure-long-jacket-2/
liking the ann d's, moo. have fun in vegas!
is that bamchairdance in the link?
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