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she wasn't bad looking in the descendants, but she wasn't a red head either.
no they're mmm replica gats.. I can't seem to remember what era they're from though.
every day?
in case you didn't read I just picked them up tonight, so they're fresh out the box lol.
I think they genuinely left the prison as it was seen in the show and there will be another run in between Rick and the Governor, where Tyrese will end up joining with Rick's crew (maybe Tyrese will see the different shades of the Governor more clearer than Andrea.) or maybe it will slip that Andrea knows Rick and them and tells it straight to Tyrese.
Just came in tonight. Wow, these are comfy and the fit ended up being spot on.
I got the joke but all his posts come off as egotistical.
forward got some stuff in -demin jacket -dip dye -collarless shirt
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