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nice pickup caveat. how does SF clean their knits? Dry clean or what?
the last fit is pretty good elisix @KoY I think this has been said before, but the hair style doesn't suit you.
Jacket looks fine to me. If I'm spending RO prices on a leather I'd want it to be a bit bigger so I can layer and wear year round. If anything, he can get the sleeves shortened, but the rest looks good.
I think I got contacts in grade 8. Never wore glasses. I wear them 24/7 (sleep with them most nights). The odd night I'll take them out. I once wore someone elses contacts (they were new) for over a year because I was to lazy to get my prescription renewed.
A little OT but how cool is this???? http://btlondon2012.co.uk/pano.html a 360 panorama of London.
I wanna get lasik but unsure of how much time you need for recovery.
go through this http://styleinsp.tumblr.com/ and find fits you like (they're all good fits) and try to emulate them.
which one is snow?
I love DDL. I think he's a tremendously talented actor and loved him in There will be blood and Gangs of new york, but I felt Joaquin Phoenix deserved the best actor for The Master. He was phenomenal in it. edit: I also heard there's a lot of politics in The academy awards and JQ made it known he didn't care for the Awards.
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