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the last fit is pretty good elisix @KoY I think this has been said before, but the hair style doesn't suit you.
Jacket looks fine to me. If I'm spending RO prices on a leather I'd want it to be a bit bigger so I can layer and wear year round. If anything, he can get the sleeves shortened, but the rest looks good.
I think I got contacts in grade 8. Never wore glasses. I wear them 24/7 (sleep with them most nights). The odd night I'll take them out. I once wore someone elses contacts (they were new) for over a year because I was to lazy to get my prescription renewed.
A little OT but how cool is this???? a 360 panorama of London.
I wanna get lasik but unsure of how much time you need for recovery.
go through this and find fits you like (they're all good fits) and try to emulate them.
which one is snow?
I love DDL. I think he's a tremendously talented actor and loved him in There will be blood and Gangs of new york, but I felt Joaquin Phoenix deserved the best actor for The Master. He was phenomenal in it. edit: I also heard there's a lot of politics in The academy awards and JQ made it known he didn't care for the Awards.
$1,500 for RO sneakers?? WTH? Didn't these used to be
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