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anyone know if the 1995 padded bomber is still available anywhere? this one size 48.
I found myself liking emelia clarke's character the best (and overall story).
I agree 100%. I don't get the fuss over her. She's a butter-face imo.
Fuck yeah! So glad to hear Zod is well done in the movie!!
I mean.. in a sense, he is. He doesn't have any magical properties or super powers, just technology. I'd imagine we will have something like an Iron Man suit in many years to come. There's already functional robots. Japan recently put out one for $1.2M that you can ride around in
don't worry, they stocked up with enough guns to last 4 more seasons.
that's okay brad-t I didn't get it either.
The Mandarins magical rings aren't imbued in IM3. I'm slightly disappointed, but at the same time I understand. They're supposedly doing The Mandarin for IM they same way Nolan did The Joker for Batman. Giving him enough characteristics from the comics so you are aware of who it is, but keeping it more realistic for the audience.
Only thing about the show that really pisses me off is how good of a shot Carl is. And Carl.
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