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happy birthday!
Iphone doesn't do it justice, but new acronym jacket arrived today. It's probably the best article of clothing I've ever purchased hands down.Obligatory stock photo [[SPOILER]]
wtf UPS? I ordered a jacket from Acronym in Germany to Alberta, Canada and the brokerage fee is $233.00. Why is UPS even handling my package? This is what the tracking information looks like:What's with the constant border hopping? It went directly from Germany to Alberta where it should have gone then Canada and USA played volley ball with it.
Thanks mate. I bought directly through acronyms site.
the geller jacket is amazing. I have it in a 46 and only wish I had originally bought it in a 48.
everyone knows you only wear your fancy clothes for a night out on the town.
haha it's moreso I like to open my online banking and know exactly how much money I have and I'm more apt to spending frivolously if I'm carrying cash.
I refuse to carry cash. If a family member has to use my debit for any reason and offers to pay me back with cash I just tell them to keep it.
those jeans paired with the RO desert boots are nice.
what retailers sell some of the stuff mentioned in this thread? (prefer N.A.)
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