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I bought these same guidis but for some reason one of the laces was 6 in shorter than the other. Nice fit though.
speeding tickets are inevitable.
yeah 2015 golf gti (autobahn edition). Just picked her up today
needed some new denim for the summergot this today also [[SPOILER]]
haha I hope not because the dealer told me it was still in the crate a few days before I picked it up :P
This is my first bike so I figured I'd start small
not sure how people feel about non-clothing purchases but got this today: edit: got a honda foreman 500 too but have to get it next saturday
I should have mentioned, the first is wadi rum and the last 2 are in Petra (the treasurey and the monastary)
Taken in Wadi Rum, Jordancouple bonus pics [[SPOILER]]
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