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If the length is 30" you must be quite tall. Hard to comment much as I cannot really see the lapels or the jacket waist...
Based on my time living in England, I would say that while older Englishmen may dress better than their American counterparts the same definitely cannot be said of the younger set. How many track suit tops can you fit into one room?
^ Exactly. Given the way most men dress in the work place today I doubt you are going to cause too many blank stares wearing a slim cut suit. Given that those who wear a suit are probably wearing one a size too big, I would think a slim cut would look very good. I ordered my first TaT suit a couple of weeks ago. Asked for something that was a slight departure from the house style. Jason was very familiar with the references I provided so I am quite enthusiastic to...
Did you make any changes to the house style?
I also think this looks a better fit than the Brioni he wore in CR. I seem to remember reading Dunhill would be supplying the suits for the new film. I guess it makes more sense for Bond to wear Dunhill than Brioni. Although, given their background with the Royal Navy, would Gieves & Hawkes be the most appropriate?
Well, I do not think we are looking at a different picture; probably just approaching it from a different aesthetic viewpoint. Again, I think it looks great. I do not see a problem with the fit at all. I think the length, waist and shoulders look good. Pants look nicely slim. Granted the pockets look horrible and the sleeve length is gimmicky. Also, while I do not necessarily have a problem with signet rings, in the case of Quinn it leans toward mockney.
I think the suit DQ is wearing in the pic Tamasso posted looks great. I do not think much of the pockets and the sleeves are way too short, but the fit through the body and shoulders is superb. I like quite a lot of the stuff he has posted on his site. Except that Terms & Conditions page. Ouch.
Brilliant draw for the neutrals out there. The following matches are mouth-watering: Liverpool / Inter Roma / Real Arsenal / Milan Celtic / Barcelona So hard to pick the winners. I think Celtic may have a good chance to pull an upset.
The pocket square seems to be seen by many as somewhat eccentric. At least in non-Metropolitan areas. It is hardly surprising that politicians would not be wearing them. Hardly the best dressed group of people. To make a generalization, most of them appear to be middle-management types who get body rashes when exposed to anything other than polo shirts tucked into khakis.
Quote: Of course, your view might be skewed by her relative state of undress between the two movies. That would be the "much better" part.
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