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Quote: You have to be a lover of really huuuuuge tie knots Nah, my head is shaped like a light bulb so I prefer spread or cutaways. I bought my Barba shirt online and although the collar was described as "spread", it certainly is not what I consider as such.
I have a black label version that I am wearing right now. Although it is slim in the chest area, I do not find it slim in the waist at all. Mine is pretty much cut straight down from the chest. I find the armholes fit strangely on me. I have Jantzen shirts with high armholes that do not cause any problems. I even find the armhole area very hard to iron. Just an odd shape on mine I suppose. And they are hand-stitched. The collar fits true to size. I wear a...
Sod that. This is time you could be spending on the slim overcoat idea. Priorities man.
Lel, the suit looks really good. That's one for your site Jason.
Third is Thick as Thieves no?
Quote: Of course because Italian labour is a lot more expensive. Unless they are paying Chinese immigrants to attach the "Made in Italy" tag.
An overcoat would be great. Something like that double-breasted overcoat that yfyf wears in a lot of his WAYWN entries would be very nice.
If we are talking about fictional non-Italian mobsters, Viggo Mortensen's suits in Eastern Promises were sharp.
Given your pro-British sympathies I have little hesitation recommending Redcoats and Rebels: The American Revolution Through British Eyes by Christopher Hibbert.
Well, I am still waiting on shirts sent back for fixes in early December (there were a lot of mistakes). I did get one e-mail when they were received but nothing since (despite numerous attempts to discover if they have been fixed and sent back). If the mytailor shirt I ordered turns out good I doubt I will go back to Jantzen. It has taken me a long tim to discover that I will pay that little bit more for superior service. Or , in Jantzen's case, any service.
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