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I was just saying that given my personal preference they look short. It stood out to me since I like the fit of the coat. If Opoika digs the look then who cares what anyone else thinks?
Quote: I was referring to Benecios's comment about the Italians playing shit in Europe. Sorry, read it quite literal. Quote: Yeah Newcastle definitely needs a shakeup of some sorts. same goes with Liverpool The problem for Newcastle is there seems no room left to manoeuvre. They fired/hired the manager and the transfer window is closed. I cannot see what kind of dressing room shake-up is going to fix that horrendous...
Inter won the Scudetto last year. Think Keegan is regretting taking the Newcastle job yet? They were destroyed today and relegation is looking a real possibility.
Coat looks excellent. High waters are not my thing but, of course, that is subjective.
Jason and I had an e-mail conversation where we discussed what I was looking for with the suit. As I said, all I had in mind was 60s Savile Row. Thankfully, he completely understood what I was after. I lengthened the coat a touch and went with 2.75" lapels. Other than that the ticket pocket does not overlap and they are straight rather than slanted. The only other change I remember right now from the default was side pockets rather than frog mouths on the trousers.
Quote: The Poole rep touring China in episode 2 is an ass. Seemed okay to me. And his suits looked brilliant [which they should I suppose]. Although he may have hated the food, I am reasonably sure they played it up for the sake of entertainment value.
Thanks. Jason did a real nice job with it. He was probably sick of my endless questions but the customer service was great. I had my mind stuck on a 60s Savile Row look, which he completely understood. I was nervous during my wait for the suit to arrive as I was afraid I might have botched a measurement but I am happy with the end result. A few minor changes for my next order but, like Lel mentioned earlier in the thread, they are just nitpicks.
Quote: I'd agree, Bond's immensely cooler because he's an imperialist and a misogynist, and he laughs at killing people, sitting there slugging martinis, so anachronistic. Absolutely. I am really looking forward to this one. Could not care less about the title. As long as Bond remains imperialistic, misogynistic and does not turn into Jason Bourne, all should be good. Not sure about the possible use of Pacino but I thoroughly enjoyed Casino...
Pic is a bit dark...
Quote: God bless the Stuarts! Yeah, because that went spectacularly well. Inept rule that led to Conne's boy Cromwell doing his best to improve Anglo-Irish relations.
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