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I really do not want to start another Jantzen thread in order to ask one question, so I'll give it another shot in here in case someone knows: does anyone know if Ricky will make non-fused collars on request?
What I have the hardest time understanding is why a person who causes such trouble for powerful people would take this kind of chance. If you are going to go to war with the big boys you should be keeping an immaculately clean background.
The high fee was likely less about her looks and more about what she was willing to do for him.
Man United out. Chelsea out. This is fantastic.
Does Jantzen do non-fused collars on request? I have ordered from them for a while but never asked for this feature. And I know e-mailing to ask if they do it or not will be futile.
Chelsea strolled through. Thankfully Roma ousted Real. The Arsenal match was still the highlight though.
Made in China!? Christ, I thought Jason made them all himself by hand. Can I get an RMA number to return mine? [Need more room for my Made in Italy Jantzen shirts]
The shape of all three coats is brilliant. What details did you specify to your tailor?
I was just saying that given my personal preference they look short. It stood out to me since I like the fit of the coat. If Opoika digs the look then who cares what anyone else thinks?
Quote: I was referring to Benecios's comment about the Italians playing shit in Europe. Sorry, read it quite literal. Quote: Yeah Newcastle definitely needs a shakeup of some sorts. same goes with Liverpool The problem for Newcastle is there seems no room left to manoeuvre. They fired/hired the manager and the transfer window is closed. I cannot see what kind of dressing room shake-up is going to fix that horrendous...
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