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Great looking suit Opoika.
I was just wondering if people thought a brown briefcase/bag with black shoes looked strange. Not formal enough for a suit? From what section of the rule book was that gleaned?
The abuse of referees has gotten way too far out of hand. It seems a referee cannot look at his watch now without having four or five players screaming in his face. Mascherano got exactly what he deserved. Ashley Cole did not. John Terry should receive a yellow every time he pulls his weekly stunts. It has gotten to the point where some sort of "zero tolerance" rule should be brought in. A writer over at soccernet mentioned point deductions. You can pretty much...
What about my eye-liner?
Brown, black or tan? Used for work, with suits. Unlike most here, I like black shoes; I wear lots of brown shoes, but often prefer black. Undoubtedly the brown messenger bag will age better, which is why I think I will go that route. Anyone think it would look odd against the black shoes/belt?
Excellent film. Given various interests of mine this one almost could not miss.
A bit late to the party, but what are your thoughts on Mr. Boateng's one button coat?
Roma was the better side. And a win would have been quite helpful considering Inter drew. Wait, I am not helping am I?
Quote: The day he leaves will be a hammerblow to United fans worldwide. I agree. I cannot see ManU getting anywhere near the title without him. He is absolute class. And no way he goes to Italy. Definitely Spain and almost definitely Real when he does go. On his current form how much would it take to get him? 60mil? It would definitely take monopoly money. Maybe Abramovich should buy an Italian team (Fiorentina or something) and put in a...
Quote: If I hear the words "razor sharp tailoring" again I'm going to hit someone. Don't hate. The suit Sting has on in the Quadrophenia poster looks razor shar... Shit. [ducks]
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