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When I look at the picture it certainly seems that my right side is dropped. It has never been noticeable to me in the mirror. Perhaps suits never lie. If that is the case, I guess a decent tailor should be able to correct the suit, yes? I still do not think the waist is too suppressed. To be honest whenever I feel the fabric in the area there seems to be room to add further suppression?
I was wondering if anyone could share some thoughts on what is happening around the waist of my coat? Normally, I would have thought the wrinkling was due to the waist needing to be "let out" however that is definitely not the case here as I actually have room to have it taken in. The tailor I go to seemed kind of puzzled about it (note: I live in a small town without easy access to tailors in what might be described as "big "cities). Is it possible that the coat...
After he buys the suit that leaves him $2400 to spend on hookers.
Chang, it is hard to see the details of the suit but the cut looks very good. Sleeves need to be shortened.
Quote: You know that line from Princess Bride about never going in against a Sicilian when death is on the line? Never argue alcohol with an Irishman. As far as I can tell nobody was arguing with an Irishman here.
But wouldn't black voters who only vote for him because he is black be a "racist" vote?
Quote: Does anyone know why Park wasn't active for this game? Because Ferguson was more interested in winning this game then selling Man U shirts in the far east?
I thought it was a good game. I do not support either club but was on the edge of my chair for the penalties. I feel bad for John Terry (well as bad as I can feel for any professional athlete). Without his second half clearance in the goal mouth they would never have made it to penalties. Of course, few will think about that now. And how stupid was Drogba?
Can I choose neither?
I see him wearing a lot of suits lately and think they look good. Are they really Hugo Boss? I thought a man with his money would definitely be Savile Row bespoke.
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