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A modern film that immediately comes to mind is Ocean's Eleven. The clothes worn by the two lead characters (Pitt and Clooney) are essential to the panache of the film. Considering the film relies on style and flair as much as plot, I think the clothes are essential.
Thanks for your help guys. When I wrote the seller with questions about the Zegna it was explained to me that it was not a regular Zegna, but a "suit made for Braun (a high priced retailer in Germany). It was actually not made for exports because Braun aimed to put his own label "made by zegna for Braun" in it. Braun went bankrupt." Does the Canali look legit? My trepidation surrounds the fact that the seller states that they do not allow returns. In some ways this does...
Hello everyone, I am new to this forum (and suit buying in general) and was hoping you could all lend me a little of your expertise. I am in the market for a three-button black suit. I know I am a 40R (5'10"/5'11", 165lbs). Where I live I have no option for picking up a "good" suit locally. Therefore, I have been keeping an eye on e-bay as well as bluefly to see what I might be able to pick up. Would anyone like to offer an opinion on this auction: Canali 40R on ebay Or...
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