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Anybody? Where does H&H fall on the Jermyn St ladder? I would guess below T&A but above Tyrwhitt? Is it even close, quality-wise, to Hilditch and/or T&A?
Can anyone comment on Harvie & Hudon or New & Lingwood?
Brosnan always seemed more the real estate agent who crashes his Mercedes because he is too busy tweezing his eyebrows. My feelings about the Bourne character are probably influenced by Damon's musings about Bond. Like Bourne is supposed to be somehow superior because he is a "modern man".
Okay. So, do any of the "Jermyn Street" shirt purveyors offer a shirt with high armholes? The body I am not all that worried about as I can fix that easy enough.
For me, Brosnan was the worst Bond. He never seemed in the least bit dangerous. While Roger Moore did not seem dangerous either, I always felt that was never the point in his movies (and LK, it is no surprise Moore is your favourite). Regarding Bourne, I agree completely with Soph: "Bourne seems like a Prozac, psych ward mental case". Bourne seems the type who yearns to sit with Oprah so he can cry about all the bad things he has seen and has had to suffer. Blah. I...
Looking at those numbers, the slim H&K does not seem all that slim in the chest (definitely not when compared to the Barba, which I believe measures 43 on a 15.5 collar). If that is the slim cut how full is the regular?
This seems to be have been lightly touched upon in older threads but as I am about to place an order I am hoping for some new responses: How is the fit of Hilditch & Key shirts best described? Do they veer closer to slim or tent? I wear a 15.5 (40 chest) in almost every shirt I have ever tried. I own a Barba shirt (ordered via theworldsfinest on ebay) that I would describe as very (almost uncomfortably so) slim in the chest and very (very) big in the waist. Can...
Damn you all for pointing out my deformities! Thanks to all. I think the dropped right shoulder is contributing. It is a little more pronounced in this picture than during normal wear. I did not think the waist needed to be let out but perhaps I should have listened to my tailor (I just assumed he was jumping at his first thought). Regarding the shoulder width, I really have nowhere to go with it. I mentioned, to my tailor, the idea of making them narrower and he...
Hurst has clearly lost the plot.
When I look at the picture it certainly seems that my right side is dropped. It has never been noticeable to me in the mirror. Perhaps suits never lie. If that is the case, I guess a decent tailor should be able to correct the suit, yes? I still do not think the waist is too suppressed. To be honest whenever I feel the fabric in the area there seems to be room to add further suppression?
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