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Let me preface by stating that I have a soft spot for both Chelsea and Barcelona. The referee was shocking. Abysmal. Chelsea definitely deserved to go through. I do not buy this "but Barca play beautiful football" rubbish. Chelsea did exactly what they needed to do at the Nou Camp and Stamford Bridge. The only reason they are not in the Finals is because of the complete inability of a referee. If he had missed one penalty decision I would put it down to human...
Whose translation are you reading?
Sorry, I thought you were asking about the UEFA Cup. As whacked said, none of the big clubs care much about that one.
As much as I dislike ManUre and ol' red nose, they very seldom play with ten men sitting behind the ball. And while I agree that people tend to remember the style of play, they also rarely remember the team it beat.
The Champion's League name says it all. UEFA Cup = Teams not good enough to advance in the CL.
My guess is that if anyone is going to man-mark Messi it will be Essien.
Quote: In other football related news Merseyside police have issued a missing persons report for a Steven George Gerrard.Last seen on the evening of 8th April in Michael Essien's pocket. Indeed. Tonight's game was manic. Lampard was timely as always. They better tighten up that defence if they want to beat Barcelona.
Are the blue label Corneliani-made suits discontinued? I recently got my hands on a Jerome IV that fits beautifully. I was hoping to find more...
How are the new "super fine cotton" materials? I have not ordered in a while but in the past I have found the quality of the cotton to be all over the place. Many of the shirts I ordered turned out to be stiff and uncomfortable.
How are the H&H shirts with regard to sleeve length? I usually wear a 34 but they only have a 35 or 33.
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