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I was going to order a couple until I noticed that the barrel cuff options all had chest pockets. Blah.
Still waiting...
My card was charged on 24 August. Nothing yet. I am hoping any day now... Not convinced things are any better in terms of reliability yet, but oh do I hope.
My credit card was charged late last week, which is hopefully a sign that my shirt is on the way. It took quite a while, so I really hope it turns out well.
Trumper's Spanish Leather.
Related somewhat to this thread, I was looking at the Harvie & Hudson web site and really liked a couple of the Gingham shirts they have on sale. I went to select my size only to find that you have two options: double cuff or button cuff with pocket. Argh. In my current (ever fluctuating) state of preference I hate pockets on a shirt more than double cuffs.
I think silk knots dress a double cuff down nicely. But, of course, the AmJack and metro hoards never use silk knots.
He has mine. Similar preference for well-dressed English gangsters I guess.
I went through a phase where I bought and wore a lot of shirts with double cuffs. Now, I find, I have swung away from that and have actually grown to somewhat dislike them. It seems to me they have become really popular to a point where I see legions of metrosexuals running around in double cuffs. Thus my evolving preference for button cuffs.
I should have mentioned that I have an interest if it is the Black Label RL as well.
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