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I second Mancini. Ranieri always seemed well dressed when at Chelsea. Have not seen any Juve games this season. Also, has Mourinho ever tightened his tie?
Well, it has nearly been a month since they charged my card and still nothing to show for it. Of course, I guess it is unreasonable to expect them to answer one of my many e-mails enquiring about the charge.
Having not seen the article, what was the author's experience? I think I can imagine the reaction...
Given all the rumours it should not have been, but Mourinho's exit was a huge surprise to me this morning. I can understand why it happened but am still shocked. Avram Grant takes over temporarily. No doubt we will see quite a few expensive hats thrown into that ring over the coming weeks.
Not a lot of responses on this one. Okay, one last question then. How do the Chan fabrics compare with the vast majority of Jantzen fabrics? I notice they are mostly Thomas Mason, but that means nothing to me in terms of better understanding the quality. In large part I find Jantzen shirts start to show their wear fairly quickly. I would only rate perhaps one of my Jantzen shirts to have fabric quality anywhere near comparable to my Barba shirt for example. Given...
Thanks for the response. Can anyone indicate if the slim fit has high armholes or should I request that? Also, can I request the monogram be added inside the yoke?
I have a couple of questions about WW Chan shirts (ordered via the web site) for those who might know: - do they use mother of pearl buttons? - how fast are they? - does the slim cut option have high armholes or should I specify that? - can I ask to have the monogram inside he yoke (not in the default options)? - do they match the pattern at the shoulder? - do the prices shown for the fabrics include shipping (when I see my total it is always the same as the...
As has been said it is a personal choice. And personally I hate them.
I wish Tyrwhitt offered more in their slim fit range. I am thin and I fear a regular Tyrwhitt would be like a tent on me. As for H&K, I have always been tempted. How slim are they cut?
Despite my card being charged on 24 August I still have not received mine. I am starting to get nervous. Of course I have e-mailed but that is as useless as ever. And since calling usually ends with being hung up on, I am not sure even how to enquire...
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