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Quote: Best comment ever. The Brits have ZERO "baggage" when it comes to morally perverse historical acts. Do you ever get tired of playing the part of the angry Irishman? It must have been hard growing up with the big bad Englishman keeping his foot on your throat.
Is the quality of the Tyrwhitt decent? I have been considering that one but am afriad it will either fall apart in a couple of months or fit like a tent (or both).
Hey Sartorian, does Thom Browne squeeze in there?
That is, hands down, the best story I have ever heard regarding the Rolling Stones. Watts always was my favourite.
Admittedly I do not watch American football, but can someone explain why Tom Brady is suddenly in every magazine article dedicated to presenting the best dressed athletes in the world? How does he possibly get into GQ's recent top 50? Ahead of Weller!? Is his publicist getting paid overtime or something?
Which of the two has a slimmer cut? My understanding is Corneliani is much more akin to RL Black Label than Canali. I have heard Canali is not a good cut for slim people.
I would be more interested in further pictures of the cottage captured in the shine...
Quote: Top five Scotsmen: 1.) David Hume 2.) Adam Smith 3.) Lord Byron 4.) William Ewart Gladstone 5.) SEAN FUCKIN' CONNERY Lord Byron and Gladstone Scottish? That's pretty tenuous.
I may be interested in a pair of the tan cotton 32s... and maybe a pair of the tan twill 32s (if I can see that cellphone pic).
Repeated viewings make it unbearably pathetic. The man is a joke.
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