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The pocket square seems to be seen by many as somewhat eccentric. At least in non-Metropolitan areas. It is hardly surprising that politicians would not be wearing them. Hardly the best dressed group of people. To make a generalization, most of them appear to be middle-management types who get body rashes when exposed to anything other than polo shirts tucked into khakis.
Quote: Of course, your view might be skewed by her relative state of undress between the two movies. That would be the "much better" part.
Christ. Tough crowd. Very good looking. Schooling at RADA. Good pick if its true. Has this been confirmed by official sources? I remember reading online that Rose Byrne (amongst many others) was set for Casino Royale only for it to be gibberish. I guess I am one of the few that did not think Eva Green was all that good looking in Casino Royale. Maybe if they hosed off the first fifty layers of make-up. She looked much better in The Dreamers. Much better.
I do not see how it is an illogical conclusion. You are a member of the national team. You are supposed to represent the best that nation has to offer, not the best that it can buy. If the players have to be from that nation, the manager should have to be as well. I agree with Romafan regarding dual citizenship. That to me is straightforward. And I believe both of Rossi's parents are Italian and though he was born in the US moved to Italy at a young age (?) Same...
As excellent a manager as Capello's record shows him to be, a national side manager should be a native of that country. It makes no sense to me that the manager of England is Italian. I agree with Southgate's comments that everyone involved with a national side should be from that nation; players, coaches, manager, etc. Otherwise, why have international games at all? England needs a better keeper, why not get Buffon?
Alright, I am back to thinking about getting a TaT suit. I have always wanted a slim suit and believe a TaT constructed on slightly more "conservative" (i.e., slightly looser and a little longer) lines should be perfect. I am thinking a 60s Savile Row look. What I do not understand is why people around this board seem to suggest a TaT whenever someone is looking for a "fun" suit, but never when someone wants a "serious" suit? I want one that looks good whatever the...
I thought most of the jackets Denzel wore in the film looked too big on him. It crossed my mind while watching the film that they could have done a better job on his suits...
A Night at Birdland, Vol.1. No real explanation other than I love it from start to end.
I finally received, around a month ago, a shirt I ordered around seven months ago. The fit was good and, having read about the great turnaround in service, I figured I would order a couple more. That was almost a month ago and I have heard nothing despite numerous e-mails asking for a confirmation. Hopefully, the shirts will be on my front step soon...
Naive question perhaps, but what are the disadvantages to going with a decent ceiling mounted projector as opposed to LCD/Plasma?
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