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I bought a pair of Classic Fit cords and a pair of Classic Fit chinos from JCrew online. Ordered both in the exact same size but for some reason the cords are nowhere near as slim as the chinos. Anyone else have the same problem?
The site lists the 8061 as 1-Ply. It looks good... but 1-Ply?
In the Extra Fine Cotton section, there seems to be an abundance of 1-Ply material. Are these on par with the regular 2-Ply they offer?
Well, Dunne will need to do much better than last year. Of course, they may get Terry once they offer him a few acres of oil wells.
Quote: illl root for madrid in madrid and barca in barcelona. More excitement if you switch that around...
The biggest problem for Cit-eh is they are investing a lot in attacking talent without much of a glance at the back guard. Sort of a Madrid Lite.
Lambrettas count?
I like the JTG Overcoat... tempting. And the suit worn in the video under the "Photos and stuff" link looks brilliant.
Barca absolutely dominated ManUre. Not even close. After Chelsea I was really annoyed as I felt the referee was the only reason Barca was in the final. But good god they owned ManUre and I was loving it. Every time Red Nose loses it is proof that God loves the world.
Quote: You seem to be looking at it from one angle. What about the abysmal reffing in the first game? What about Bosingua's pull on Henry in the box in Game 1? The un-fucking-believable dive job Anelka did to get Abidal the red? The fact that Ballack should have been sent off in Game 1? I will freely admit that the reffing was terrible, but it was terrible for both sides. The only obvious call that was missed was Pique's handball in the box. Malouda's foul in...
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