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I prefer Harvie and Hudson. I feel they are much better quality than Hawes and Curtis. For me, probably the best 'bargain' on Jermyn Street. The one drawback to H&H is the button cuffs all have chest pockets. So, I only buy double cuff from them.
Quote: although I'd imagine he'll play whenever King's injury is a problem. So, all the time then?
What is the price of a standard Graham Browne 3-piece suit?
It would be a shock for me if Arsenal does not win. Spurs seem to be getting worse as the season closes.
Fingers crossed for Barca and la Viola.
And though I am no ManU fan, it pains me to see Germans win at anything.
Quote: Can't wait to see what spin the British jounalists put on this. My guess is, "the ceiling is falling in. We are crap. We need to change everything as we are clearly falling behind La Liga, Serie A, and Ligue 1." Although they may take "FIFA conspiracy" straight out of the Italian's favourite (and only) book.
I am interested in hearing about your experiences with Newfoundlanders. Please elaborate.
Does nyone have any of the lambswool crew necks? I like the variety of colours and am thinking of ordering a couple but will not waste my time if the quality is poor. Sorry if this has been covered already...
What about their covert coats? I seem to remember reading somewhere that a lot of people need to go a size up as they run a bit small. Anyone have one?
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