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Love the bitch slap with the glove after the right cross
Nokona or MacGregor?
The MTO Buyer may have provided the shell, and I would do the same. edit: wheen beat me to it
Yeah, you have to mention the 32 runs they scored in following three games
Yup, that was my Easton Z-CORE, find a couple every year. PM me if you have any questions on baseball gear. Glad to help
Any pics of the Dark Olive leather in the wild?
The Horsebutt's were the heaviest casual work boot I've handled. I'd be interested how your legs feel after 'lotsa miles'. Thanks in advance!
Not sure about the lasts, but my Trumans are wider, less sleek with a rounder toe than the 2030. On my way out for a short hike now with them. Wouldn't even consider using my 2030's in the woods.
They're Roughouts... wear 'em hard
New Posts  All Forums: