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I've worn Alden's (on topic) in Yo Mama's many times and will again New Years Day before the football games start
Dale and Beaners all day long
Looks like someone lives near the Woodbury Outlets
I do. From a walk in the woods a few weeks ago...
I stand corrected. The box mine came in had 379X handwritten on it. Thought it was weird
Yes, that should work
My helper Ed is not impressed with the Undefeated Selvedge, the Pearl Izumi and the Brooks Beast found today
I'm pretty sure they're on the 379X last, which is more like the Modified than Trubalance
Yeah sorry, but #3 can't be part of the list if they don't make above size 36
PSA: A pair of 9.5 E Ravello Chukkas from the seconds list arrived at The Shoe Mart today. Call and ask for Bob
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