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Takes a lot for me to grab a carriage...this morning I needed two
Waited until I received a shipping notice before I bragged on an e-thrift. Frankly I wouldn't have blamed him if they didn't ship
^ X2. Have both and prefer Commando. If you're looking for more dressy, you probably picked the right one.
Probably going to sell these Lee James Dean 101-Z I found last year. What's the best denim thread to gather info?
Thanks for the heads up on the STP discount Mike. Had this beauty in my wishlist and the 30% made it a no brainer. I owe you an IPA!
Nice, like the Scout in that make up. I grabbed the Gray Dial Scout and this Journeyman
I have a beautiful pair of color 8 shell chukkas without the typical 1339 code. Anyone familiar with the 1300# code I have?
The Authenticity thread hasn't been much help, wondering if anyone here can verify these Dolce & Gabbana shoes... White tag and lack of stamping on heel have me worried. Thanks in advance
Thrifted these Dolce & Gabbana shoes and have a couple of doubts. D&G should be stamped on the heel? White tag on insole? Thanks in advance! Edit: A helpful member in another thread suggests they are real, just old stock.
Laughed, and shaded my eyes at first, but these appear to be pretty good quality!
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