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Quick stop at the mall...certainly not for shoes/boots
One more try ...might keep and list my Color 8 cap toe boots instead. Thanks for looking
Don't usually shop the sweaters, but the Coogi does stand out. Had no idea about the price tag...geez
Three pair of Alden 684 found in different stores this weekend. Love the variation of the color 8 shell
Followed up my recent NWT Barbour finds with a loud POP....first jacket find
Audible 'WTF' could be heard when I happened upon these NWT Barbour shirts. $169 for the plaid Steve McQueen Next stop, and no swearing with these unused Willis & Gieger pants, but still surprised
Thanks to Skatenc123 for the package that will be put to good use!
I have the same and use it for business cards. Versatile enough to use as a front pocket wallet of course.
She's a keeper...the wife found the Magnum PI in my size in less than a month. 50% off blue tag too
Also found a couple solid T&A (16.5 42cm French cuff) if anyone has a need. LL Bean Katahdin jacket and Feragamo for me..
New Posts  All Forums: