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How much does todd bowles hate his back up QB's?
I don't know much, but gloves I can help with. Many MLB players have gloves made for other positions. Kendall was a very athletic catcher and did play a little outfield. If a player has a good relationship with the glove Rep, they often hook up the player with an extra 'shagging' glove. Your glove looks to be a Rawlings Pro Preferred infield size, so either Kendall was being prepared if his team needed him to fill at third, or he had it to play catch with his kids.
I picked up these Natural Wax Flesh Chukkas in 10 1/2. Anyone remember what retailer had them? Not sure if they're 2030 last as I was told.
....and the best available unemployed QB is? (Don't say Manning / Tebow)
Jimmy got game
Guess I'm the only one who reads Italian in this GW
Needed a good find today... POP on Vass
Attolini, Finamore and Barba Napoli all good, right!?!
8 pair of NWT Bill's Khakis at $5 a pop hard to pass up
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