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AE rookie here. Picked up these preowned shell Leeds. Sold as burgundy (color 8), but happy with whatever color they are. Burnished brown?
Ha! Ravello LHS with Ashland Whiskey (very close), and matching King. Also have a #2 wallet that matches my Wolverine 721's
Wait, what?
I'm thinkin the big thrift chain probably could've gotten double for this UPS uniform if they put it in the costume section...
Try brushing? Never had that issue with any of my Ashland Leather shell products...or my Aldens. Guessing your shell isn't sourced by Horween?
While hunting for shell I snagged these colorful Nike's. After looking them up, I'm glad I did. Need to learn the sneaker game...
Yeah, I believe they call the Brooks Brother version the 770.
TSM had some new CXL offerings when I stopped in yesterday. Especially liked the cap toe boot
[ Then these guys. Paid a bit more than thrift prices for these. Alden (right?) for Brooks Bros. I believe they are deadstock as the original retail price was only $225. Anything you guys may know about them would be appreciated. Specifically if any of you can tell if they are leather or shell from the numbers that would be appreciated. Nice find. The Alden 770 is black calf leather. Popular model, although slightly less this time of year.
Heard some yelping coming from a fresh rack that had just come out...dude pulls a Kiton suit among the Staffords & Merona. He ran for the register as I looked for the scraps. Natta
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