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Schott down vest, Billy Reid shawl sweatshirt, Zegna vest...Rarely check the electronics, two piece Tivoli Satellite / CD
Sent a $500 box on Wednesday and still hasn't scanned anywhere. I was told Priority goes thru Sprigfield so, Yeah a little nervous
Your stories are better
Is the tongue leather on these also shell?
You're losing focus...their job is to make the owners money. Both commissioners have done outstanding work. Handing out punishment to a few troubled athletes is a fraction of their responsibility, but what the media focuses on. Meanwhile TV revenue, attendance are up and the franchises are worth BILLIONS.
Impressive Special Ops Flyer's Jacket found today. Surprised to see patches intact and in such great condition
Now that the stitching is aging, trying out some gray laces in the 'ol work boots...
Weird since Ridley almost lost his job with his tendency to fumble. Edelman drops it all the time, but seems to recover his own.
Slammo- I've seen a lot of TSM seconds, but have never seen anything as severe as that. Box 'em up
Only time for one stop today, gotta make it count…
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