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Thought I hit the RRL jackpot with a leather trucker on the rack following some impressive trou and selvedge... ...but ...beautiful color/patina though
PM sent. Still loving the Brooks Saddle you sent in trade from last year
^ Found two pair of Gustin's in our hood this week...probably take a year to find two more. Love the shell 1000 Mile's
I never realized how easy it was to Block a user....glad thats done
One stop today yeided the Fueco uniform Asolo Gustin Paradise Found
Looks like Orvis has a few Filson items on deal, including the 257 http://www.orvis.com/p/filson-large-briefcase/4h0p
Some fresh laces on the work boots for this casual Friday
Unboxed at the front door...Pretty impressive
PICS? Not sure too many can answer this yet, but they're Work boots. You rough on your boots? Why not wait until you see how the leather reacts to the conditions you put them through..? I have Leather Defender, but wasn't planning on using anything
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