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Some fresh laces on the work boots for this casual Friday
Unboxed at the front door...Pretty impressive
PICS? Not sure too many can answer this yet, but they're Work boots. You rough on your boots? Why not wait until you see how the leather reacts to the conditions you put them through..? I have Leather Defender, but wasn't planning on using anything
Despite that scratch...those are the pics I was waiting for. Beautiful! Can't wait for mine!!
Solid. They get a couple Benjamins
Unlike most, I check the sports first...
I refreshed several times in the last 20 min....not funny
That 7.5 runs scored for him doesn't hurt. 4.25 ERA doesn't usually get you 13 wins in August
Not sure how a NWT Filson 256 Briefcase makes it to half price at GW, but I'm not complaining
POP on Kapital denim
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