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Hoping this Polo puffer is a thing I know these Chicago Bulls shorts are Vintage Woolrich for me
Bump before they go to that auction site
Nothing like Westport, but worth an occasional visit.
Slummin' in Danbury huh @GM-H ?
Picked up these Waxed Flesh in the 310. Went full size down and pleased so far
I love these snuff suede Chelsea Boots from Viberg, but the last doesn't work for my feet. Size 11, best fits an 11.5 D. Worn twice inside the house and once out. Has a couple light rolls, but will mold to your foot. Dainite soles are awesome. Let me know if you have any question. Thanks!
Same just happened to me. Upload that tracking and Paypal will decide in your favor as long as the package gets delivered. They'll probably hold your $ for a few days while investigating. Probably a return request soon after
Carriage full of Anderson & Sheppard trou...loitering for the jackets
2050 is narrower (that a word?)
New Posts  All Forums: