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^^ LOVE the Anchor Steam. The wife makes triumphant waffles out of corn bread mix. Try it
Reboot, and a fine example
I dream about shell...and recently of Summer
Dibs if size 11
Back to the good finds...these thirsty vintage Chippewa's came to the right bar #lexol #saphir
Worn my RTC Indy Shoes pretty hard over the years....have only brushed them a few times. Never added oils etc.
...or maybe they belonged to Jacorey. Wonder which is size 12?http://www.nfl.com/combine/profiles/jacorey-shepherd?id=2552572
Can't buy these in a mall. Three pairs of under armor / reebok cleats and turf shoes from the NFL combine. Number 44 defensive back. Guess this guy had a bad tryout and donated on the way home
Thread first? Pricey pair of SWIMS galoshes in my size.
New Posts  All Forums: