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Nice price on this jacket... Even better price on this one...
...and only 27 and locked up for 3 years on the cheap. Moncada is the name, but the pitcher Kopech they gave up might be scary good. Also added Thornburg to the bullpen....nice little Tuesday
Youngsters forget the Tuck Rule results were revenge for the '76 playoff phantom Roughing the Passer call that went against the Pats.
Anyone have a lead on a preloved Riley Rucksack?
I was lucky enough to grab a pair of the snuff chelsea's from Mr Porter.....very impressed! I'd probably buy the mushroom too as long as not on dainiteedit: shoot, was hoping for the chelsea on half sole.
Doing my part with a pic. Love the Snuff Waxy Mohawk
POP on Martini trou...
Looks like Alden's Natural Chromexcel leather to me. Most likely on the Barrie last which fits big if anyone's interested
Good to hear as I have the snuff tan chelsea's on the way!
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