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I was surprised myself...found the tag in the pocket. Unworn.
Might have to start taking these Modified boots out more often...
Wasn't really looking for cords (Orvis, Canali, Orvis) in my size, but thats I got... Thought the dark ones felt kinda nice, when...
^ Thanks! Yeah, mine are the 9591. Looks like Alden's 'Ravello', so I'm pleased
AE rookie here. Picked up these preowned shell Leeds. Sold as burgundy (color 8), but happy with whatever color they are. Burnished brown?
Ha! Ravello LHS with Ashland Whiskey (very close), and matching King. Also have a #2 wallet that matches my Wolverine 721's
Wait, what?
I'm thinkin the big thrift chain probably could've gotten double for this UPS uniform if they put it in the costume section...
Try brushing? Never had that issue with any of my Ashland Leather shell products...or my Aldens. Guessing your shell isn't sourced by Horween?
While hunting for shell I snagged these colorful Nike's. After looking them up, I'm glad I did. Need to learn the sneaker game...
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