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Tough guy shell...and not so tough guy opera fist pumps found today
I prefer the leather on right and plan to get the same for mine
'I would drape myself in velvet Hudson's Wool if it were socially acceptable.'
Yes GW, I'll round up to $9 for your career center on this purchase of two clean Hudson Bay Point Blankets
The stock waxed brown. They look lighter on the super dark green. Trubalance last for anyone looking them up on TSM (listed as Barrie).
A super high quality Stronghold chore coat, unused with tags ($450) attached. Washed cotton canvas material in size medium. Even the metal buttons and rivets scream quality. Working on better pics. Hard to find! Thanks for looking
Been waiting for this build since selling off my crazy narrow LS Pitt Boots a few years ago. Love reverse chamois and on commando a bonus
Super nice folks at TSM indeed. That said, even the owners can have a boot in their hand, that they designed, and not know what last the boot is built on.
Yours look great! Haven't treated my Bison, but might add a tongue protector as it's unlined and very soft.
Picking up the 5 Eyelet Plain Toe Commando Huntington Green in reverse chamois from TSM today
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