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The ShoeMart's seconds lists are being emailed to those who requested it.
Ferrari sightings are not rare here in CT, but a black one with NY plates in a thrift lot raises eyebrows. Why would a Ferrari owner visit a thrift st......nevermind
Love finding a pair of good quality boots with some nice patina...finding a pair of RW Iron Ranger Chocolate Muleskinners is like finding a couple hundy in those Zanella's
I'm gonna go ahead and pic up this RLPL Barbour style jacket
Scored the RL in #11 today
Whiskey PTB's in 12 E available at TSM. A few minor flaws, but sharp. Ask for Bob. E
14 Charvet and Kiton's...I better go check the suits.
It was raining NWT Reyn Spooner today...some interesting limited edition patterns
HA! Only made quick stops in Meriden & Orange. Fairfield County was all yours
I'll try to keep it under 12 words...EZ Napoli Couture
New Posts  All Forums: