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Mine very similar....one week down. 5-7 to go
I'm a proud member of that cult. Bags and jackets all day. Tellason makes their selvedge denim
East meets West on same rack. Kuro Japanese selvedge & '83 Beach Boys Tour tee
Zegna shearling to go please...
Well said....not the greatest timing
Good luck to CC in rehab
Sale didn't get the opportunity to strike out 100 pitchers
Thought I hit the RRL jackpot with a leather trucker on the rack following some impressive trou and selvedge... ...but ...beautiful color/patina though
PM sent. Still loving the Brooks Saddle you sent in trade from last year
^ Found two pair of Gustin's in our hood this week...probably take a year to find two more. Love the shell 1000 Mile's
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