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14 Charvet and Kiton's...I better go check the suits.
It was raining NWT Reyn Spooner today...some interesting limited edition patterns
HA! Only made quick stops in Meriden & Orange. Fairfield County was all yours
I'll try to keep it under 12 words...EZ Napoli Couture
YES! Please sift out the detritus(?)....and spoiler everything else
^ Some variation of the Trucker...looks great from here
My White's have definitely cut into my Indy time. Plenty of room for both in the stable
Good looking boots. I plan on similar specs. Those 6" ?
SOLDA very nice pair of high quality White's Semi Dress boots in excellent condition. Size is 11 B, run slightly large (these slightly narrow B width) as you might know. 5" height with 1.5" heel. Not sure of the type of leather, but it's nicely broken in British tan type color as shown. Leather out sole and cuban heel look great. Very nice boot that was built to last! Ship USPS to USA. Thanks for looking
Shades of Natty CXL vary, but will likely be similar to the SF model you saw. TSM version will likely say ' Bootmaker's Edition' on leather heel pad.
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