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986 + Alden bloom:
Same last but very different feel. Flex welt feels like a slipper--little support. Lined LHS more substantial. I take same size in both...
Tremont. Cigar Atom? Leffot...
@newyawker: I think this color of Ravello looks better with the lighter edge. All the more reason to have variant colors of the same model... Too, shell color changes over time.
I prefer the light edge. I had originally wanted Whiskey LHS and am still on wait list for 2+ years, but when these became available, I felt this Ravello color was more practical.
AidC. Barrie last. Superior quality. Super comfortable. Thanks!
@RTP: Just beautiful Ravello NSTs!! Enjoy them... Giving me food for thought.
You cannot go wrong with them. Super comfortable on commando...
Thanks. Actually, it's at the gym and I don't think it's wood...But the shoes are real...
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