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BB Super 8 LHS
@ Chipshot: You wear those black LHSs quite well. Enjoy them...
@ATLVol: Thanks!@Smoothie1: Yes they are/were yours! I'm loving them... Most complimented shoe...@ Chipshot: Stopped into AofM to check on my 2 1/2 year wait for Whiskey LHS--still waiting, but they're hopeful. Yours are just great!
Aberdeen 8
Thanks Mike. Your posts and photos are great. That puppy and those snuff puppies are mine.Here are my Ravellos once again. I really love the color as it is aging:
Snuff's snough...
Ravello LHS:
Thanks Mike--OK definitely NOT my BB LHSs. Mine must be on Van. Don't much care for the Copley in navy suede...Your sage knowledge is appreciated...P47
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