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Ravello LHS:
Thanks Mike--OK definitely NOT my BB LHSs. Mine must be on Van. Don't much care for the Copley in navy suede...Your sage knowledge is appreciated...P47
Question for Alden purists: I wore my BB LHSs in color 8 today, trying to decide on which shoes to wear for 3 weeks in Europe (will take hikers too). Decided my lined LHS are better looking and more comfortable than the BBs, but too heavy for the trip. Watchman1 got me thinking when he informed me that for a while, BB was making their unliined LHS on the Copley. How can I tell if the BBs are on the Copley rather than the Van? It's hard to tell from the chart, and even by...
Welcome Adam. Still love my Short Wings...
Snuff LHS today:
@ EP Dylan: Can't seem to send a PM Dylan. I'm interested--took a 11D in Aberdeen Salzburger, but 10.5D in Barrie. What size Leydon? Thanks.
Ravello LHS antique edge:
Thank you Ben. I love them too!
Mahogany grain LHS (again)...
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