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Alpine Grain LHS
Many thanks. One of my favorites!
Ravello LHS
Maybe you need to get some tassels with foxing, Mike. Maybe the BB Tassel will go the way of the short wing and not be made special for them (Hope not!)? Go for it!Thanks!
@mcarthur: Thanks once again...
BB 8
TSM had my size in Whiskey LHS
Funny that you should say that this is the best LHS color. I originally got these because I thought it wasn't the typical orange ravello color, was closer to whiskey, and that I could avoid getting the whiskey LHS. Well, although I've been loving these as they continue to develop patina and achieve a "butterscotch," hue, I've still been thinking about whiskey after seeing Mdubs's, Chipshot's et al's photos.Although I've been on wait lists for over 2 years, magically...
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