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Enjoy your new LHSs. I miss them already!
@Profligate47 you are looking very good in your Ravello LHSes and Tan Khakis. Those speckled socks are pretty cool, but if the asphalt was a pidge darker, you could blend in completely with it. @mdubs: Thanks Mike. As always, your comments inspire. Alden for BB, one of my favorites:
Ravello LHS
Thanks Mike. In person, they look more alike, and I'm sure will continue to do so as they age. Will probably sell one of these... Votes?
Thanks ALL for noting my Ravello and Whiskey LHSs. Actually, the LHS are BNIB, tried on once. Thinking seriously of letting Whiskey go (10.5D) since color is SO close to my Ravellos. Seen together, they are very similar...
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