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Just received this from the UK. Doesn't fit, unfortunately. Rather than return it, I wanted to see if anyone was interested. 285 USD shipped CONUS.
They are developing a double monk for you? Awesome! See if you can get it in their navy stingray, just to be baller.
Go to Calzados Correa in Buenos AIres, and see if they would be able to make you a pair of double monks. I doubt it is part of their typical line-up, but who knows! In any case, go there and buy shoes instead of ordering from Loake.
And this is nicer than Carmina how? Because it has a vibram sole?
Nice boots, but not shell. Look at the wrinkles.
That is more about fit than anything else. Did you get one of the longer lasts in Meermin compared to AE.
What we see here on SF are the times something has gone wrong - I've had nothing but fantastic interactions with Meermin. Quick responses, MTO delivered on time, etc.
3 and 6 AM? On a Saturday? Those are hours I'd either be drinking or sleeping, not online shopping.
Net-net, most people benefit from everything being posted. Sometimes an item you've been watching gets posted, but other times you find something you've been looking for or want that you wouldn't have found otherwise!
And somewhere in there is your Grail Jacket.
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