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Quote: Originally Posted by randomkoreandude anywho how often and how difficult is it to wax my tokito bicycle jacket myself? Easy! I just rewaxed my border. You need thornproof dressing, hot water, a cloth and some beer. Music and female company also helps (or male, depending on your preference).
Quote: Originally Posted by chasingred Brooks also carries them in stores, I believe, but not their website. At least the one near me does. All mediums are sold out on Orvis. Already checked that - thanks though.
Quote: Originally Posted by ebmk3891 Did you even try searching? Sorry, let me be more specific - - Shipping to the US - Size medium - Yellow or orange or other bright color
Does anyone know where I can get a pair of Swims galoshes online?
Quote: Originally Posted by vinasity Wow that was quick! did you buy them? Nope. But saw that they were gone before I even saw the ad.
Quote: Originally Posted by vinasity Alden Cap toes $99 BIN Gone!
Quote: Originally Posted by FStyles I curious as to how many of the gawkers (11 pls! 12.5 here! 19.5 pls! 8.5???) actually buy something Nice haul, lance. I believe that will - undoubtedly - depend on the price.
Quote: Originally Posted by mr monty They run true to size. All mine are marked with UK and the US size. Thanks! It looks like they are marked with euro sizing on the image - does it say "44 1/2"?
Do the sutor's come in american sizing, or are they all actually marked in euro sizing? Does anyone know if sutor's tend to run roomy?
Quote: Originally Posted by kungapa A pair of dark green Marc Guyot derbies just arrived. I'll post pics later, and a thread in B&S if the fit isn't right. Nope. These are 7.5 UK - potentially to tight for me. I think you saw their original ebay listing in the "...desiderata..." thread.
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