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Looks like a Ben Sherman jacket I picked up from Gilt recently.
Sounds to me you are post-rationalizing the cheating. "She's crazy" is not reason enough to cheat - which you did, emotionally and physically.
Quote: Originally Posted by Valor Sultan's dowry problem at work. She may be late in the game! I hadn't heard of that before. Interesting.
Quote: Originally Posted by intent On a related note, I detested student financing protests even back when I was an undergrad student. The tuition freeze argument is stupid because it fucks over the next generation of students. The "tuition is too high" crowd can go to a cheaper school, get a loan, or do better and get a scholarship. Or just work for a few years (join the military if they have no skills) and go back to school. Students are a bunch...
Quote: Originally Posted by Trotsky1940 No problem, I will get on it after work. Thanks! Also, sorry to rain on your parade, but you shouldn't answer questions by bumping your thread - answer by editing the original post.
Would you mind uploading new pictures for the brown one - they are too blurry to really even evaluate what fabric it is.
Once again, regarding Swims, haha: Do they run TTS, or should I get larger than recommended? I tend to be a 8.5 US in size, and the Swims sizing chart suggest M, but I have heard here that they tend to run small. Should I size up to medium?
Very beutiful shoes. I love the color - I saw a pair of bright blue Vass Budapesters on ebay recently - perhaps also a color that would work here.
Did anyone here end up copping the blue vass?
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman SAB Penis: Quote: This a antique whip pizzle shaft ( animals penis )with a bone end and a fantastic pattern silver collar with blank cartouche which could be used for a christmas presentation made by the famous whip makers SWAIN ADENEY & BRIGG which is stamped on the collar.the end is leather possibly a fantasy addon.possibly been for human...
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