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The Junghans is for my girlfriend - not for me. Slightly too small for my wrists - if it was for myself I'd get the automatic, not the smaller hand wound.
The Junghans just arrived as a gift for my girlfriend - got an amazing deal for it, and bought a custom alligator strap. The Stowa is my dress watch - very enjoyable, solid eta-powered watch.
That must be one of the nicest tourbillion's I have seen! Beutiful.
Junghans makes straight forward, good quality watches. If it has sentimental value, enjoy it!The thread is not strictly about mechanical watches per se, but most members are primarily interested in mechanical watches.
That is an awesome review. Hilarious.
The whole band is part satire, part performance art and part musical act.One of the original videos:"He owns a pc-computer, mmkay. He makes next level beats."
That Tudor is stunning! 1969-1971 or so Blue-dial Tudor 7016?
Was this one of the reduced speedy's? 3510.50?
Movement is identical to my Stowa Antea KS, down to the placement of the screws. A Peseux 7001 or ETA 7001 (same thing, as ETA bought Peseux) as mentioned above.
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