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Quote: Originally Posted by Singular Well, you know my answer... /M Sure - but where are they? You said the beginning of this week new ones would be available
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS LOL. Ouch. I should know - I live in the thing closest trying to pretend to be a city there. Meh, at least we are close to New York.
Quote: Originally Posted by dhc905 Yeah that used to be how it was, but now everyone thinks they should just start out working in PE/HF. Very few get that straight out of undergrad though - from my undergrad only the very top students went on to do that - and then they typically had a summer or two in IB under their belt.
Quote: Originally Posted by dhc905 What ever happened to Ibanking being the holy grail? People afraid of the hours? I haven't heard a bright eyed and bushy tailed college senior say, I wanna go into banking in ages... They do, so as to get into PE/VC/HF or start their own stuff afterwards.
Quote: Originally Posted by MasterOfReality Whether Bose is crap or not is entirely subjective to the listener. Some people simply do not give a crap about acoustic processing, fiddling or enhancements, be it good or bad. MY ears like the Bose sound, but my wallet isn't entirely sure. There are much better value products, but at the end of the day my ears tell me I like the Bose sound but I probably wouldn't buy a lifestyle system because they are...
Quote: Originally Posted by jhcam8 Nuts - traditional country shoes, beautiful and rare! I'm glad you would think that. I hope you have a lady in mind of the right size who would also appreciate them. Personally I don't like them - but to each his own.
Absurdly hideous women's C&J http://cgi.ebay.com/Beautiful-Rare-P...item20b73c6017
Quote: Originally Posted by Xiaogou Has nothing to do with the issue at hand. See above. If "life = things with a heartbeat" then it has plenty to do with the issue at hand. Cows have hearts too.
Quote: Originally Posted by Xiaogou Has nothing to do with faith. It is about civil rights for unborn children. If a heartbeat is present, surely you cannot argue the issue of life. I assume then that you are a vegetarian?
SF - such a betrayal. Having gone through something similar, at some point you might want to consider seeing a professional therapist of some sort. It will help you sort things through, since they are a disinterested party. It will also take a bit of a load off of your friends and family (of course you can and should depend on them, but sorting things out with a shrink might be good too).
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