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Quote: Originally Posted by Hannerhan Tony Mays tony.mays@mobiusintl.com I used him to hire a CDS trader a few years back and he's pretty good. Billy Mays billy.mays@mobiusintl.com I used him to buy some Oxi Clean detergent a few years back and he's pretty good
The lack of small sizes just saved me a decent chunk of change. Damn.
Not too good of a deal, but rare: http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-TOM-FORD-Sho...item3a62e84768 Tom Ford double monk golf shoes
Quote: Originally Posted by TedW What about Fifth Avenue in brown or walnut...? Compromise between Strand and PA. Brooks also has a nice medallion captoe in brown - C&J built, I think. I have the fifth avenue in a light brown - with some burgundy/dark brown polishing at the front, it has taken on a really nice character and I use it a lot. That said, I think I'd rather have bought the strand - the brogueing gives it a bit more...
Quote: Originally Posted by lefty The Urbn is nice but try to get a room on one level. My room had multiple levels - 3 steps up - 4 steps down - and trying to make it to the bathroom in the middle of the night was like navigating an obstacle course. lefty But the level variation is where all the fun is!
Quote: Originally Posted by BankerBoi I have about 8 days in Beijing, 5 in Shanghai in March 2011. I like architectural tours with a little more depth than the typical bus tours. Plan to find some old village-like areas in Beijing and Pudong and Maglev trains in Shanghai. (a university-sponsored Chicago riverboat tour spoiled me for tour guide expectations a few years back) Beijing will be mostly daytime or early evening oriented. In Shanghai I...
Quote: Originally Posted by MIAsunsh Hey just becoming a member, glad to be here! I glimpse ahead to partcipating and have examine a whole lot so far, so hello! I've been involved in some other forums and have identified this destination to have much greater material, so it helps make sense to eventually submit! ...
Sole material and pics?
Quote: Originally Posted by TheConstantGardener Nice. I'm almost totally sure that is the one (I inspected closely!). Where did you find it good sir? It is, as I said before, a Ben Sherman jacket. Wool Tweed Blazer, I believe the name is. I have it - it has weird vent-less back, and runs very short. I like it a lot actually.
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